Contest News

  • Twenty-six years is enough. The number and length of my travel plans for the summer preclude my operating the contest in the fashion I want, so I'll close up shop. To those, and there are a few, who stuck it out the whole way I salute you for your perseverance.
  • The site will remain online until my PowWeb account expires in late October
  • Welcome

    to an easy and fun fantasy baseball contest. You select ten batters and five pitchers according to a set of simple rules, get your entry in on time, and then sit back and enjoy the progress (or lack of it) of your team. No need to worry about replacing players because you can't. No roster maintenance or extra charges other than the one time $10 entry fee for each team you enter. It's about as simple as you can get.

    This contest started locally(Dixon, IL) in 1991 with 69 entries. Over the years it has grown to 400+ entries, many of which come from all over the United States Iand Canada. With more people having access to the Web I decided to post results here and open the contest to the whole world.

    By browsing thru the links on the top menu you will get a quick idea of how things work. I have many of the recent seasons contests available for your view through the past seasons link. Standings appear on the site every Monday (except for fishing vacations). There are 26 weekly winners, a Home Run Derby contest, and other special contests along with the season long big contest.